The Healey DVD: Speed & Beauty (2009)

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    The Healey DVD by Bill Emerson. Over the years, author Bill Emerson has photographed and video taped Healey automobiles in various countries throughout the world. Many of these photos appear in The Healey Book, but the videos have remained unseen except by a few friends. This archival Healey video collection includes some very exceptional Healey autos… the cars that resonant throughout Healey history. Healey enthusiasm is worldwide; the archives deserved to be seen by a wider audience. We have restored these vintage videos to meet today’s standards and assembled them here, on The Healey DVD.. - Over 2 Hours!  21 Different Cars! 5 Healey Boats!  4 Interviews!  Brief History of Donald Healey with unpublished new information on his flying and early rally adventures... - An Absolute Must-Have for Healey Lovers Worldwide!!!

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    Over 2 Hours of Footage on the DVD!

DVD Specifications

  • healey motor company book dvd history parts chassisInternational Format
    Duration: Over 2 Hours
    Language: English
    Featuring: 21 Different Cars & 5 Boats
    4 Interviews & Unpublished History of Mr. Healey!
    Product Dimensions: 7 x 5 x 1 inches
    Shipping Weight: 1.0 pounds

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